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Crescent Mat Board

"The mat boards just arrived and they are perfect!  I’m really amazed with your packaging and safe transport.

 We will definitely order from you again!"


Crescent Cardboard Co. serves framing, commercial art, fine art, and photography markets in the U.S. and over 100 countries worldwide. Scroll down for our large selection of Crescent Mat Board.


Packaging mat board & foam board

1.  To insure that your mat board arrives to you in the best possible condition, must completely fill the specially designed shipping carton  -  Mat board must be ordered in increments of 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets (i.e. 25, 50, 75, 100, etc). 

2.  All 25 sheets do not have to be the same.  Some boards are thicker than others and take up more room. You may choose different colors (i.e. Red, Green, Blue, etc.) and different types (i.e. Rag Mat, Black Core etc.) You may also fill up your carton with Foam Core or Mounting Board, as long as the space equals 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets.  

The best products are only as good as the package that protects them.


Foam Core & Mounting Board Thickness Chart

Double thick  (DT)                  counts as 2 sheets
Triple thick  (TT)                    counts as 3 sheets
1/8" foam core board            counts as 2.5 sheets
3/16" foam core board            counts as 3 sheets


Mat board Ply (Thickness) Chart

4 ply mat board                          counts as 1 sheet

Thickness is .055 of an inch

6 ply mat board                          counts as 1.5 sheets

Thickness is .090 of an inch

8 ply mat board                          counts as 2 sheets

Thickness is .120 of an inch


Mat board Help Center




Please keep in mind exact color matching isn't possible on computer monitors.  Crescent Mat board Color Specifiers are available by mail for exact color selection.

You can use the following e-mail addresses for specific issues with Crescent Cardboard Company.  Crescent Cardboard email address:

Crescent Cardboard Company, L.L.C.
100 W. Willow Road
Wheeling, IL 60090 U.S.A.Telephone: (800) 323-1055
Fax: (847) 537-7153

If you have questions about the boards, please call us at 800-334-9060.



Mat Board Number


  Check out our Special Pre-Cut Mat Board Packages 

Looking for Hand Cut Mats?  Click here.

Mat board Help Center    All the information you need to make an informed decorating decision.
Archival conservation Info Important and interesting information on the conservation of your artwork.
Mounting & News Board Smooth finish boards for all picture mounting techniques.
Rag mat & Rag 100 

What exactly IS Ragmat?  Click to find out! 

Swatch Kits, Corner Samples These new kits from Crescent simplifies the coordination of mat board colors with artwork and other interior decor colors.
Crescent White Sampler        Overwhelmed by all the "white" color choices? offers this sampler pack with 25 of our most popular white and off white shades.
Illustration Boards Hot Press, Cold Press, Water Color.  Use and detailed descriptions of all these and other artist's boards.

More Information

Use the index box above to look up the mat board by number and find the location. 

The pages below contain each type and color of mat board we carry.  Please use the pages to find a specific color, size, or variety of board.  Each mat board sheet is sized 32" x 40" unless otherwise noted in the description.   

Crescent Mat Board Page One Foam Center Board & CR-8 to CR-SRM939
Crescent Mat Board Page Two CR-SRM948 to CR-SRM1014
Crescent Mat Board Page Three CR-SRM1015 to CR-SRM1082
Crescent Mat Board Page Four CR-SRM1084 to CR-BR44987
Crescent Mat Board Page Five  CR-1530 to CR-1595
Crescent Mat Board Page Six CR-1596 to CR-1637
Crescent Mat Board Page Seven CR-1638 to CR-1678
Crescent Mat Board Page Eight CR-1679 to CR-1768
Crescent Mat Board Page Nine CR-2238 to CR-HZ36104
Crescent Mat Board Page Ten CR-VM1902 to CR-3343
Crescent Mat Board Page Eleven CR-3344 to CR-3711
Crescent Mat Board Page Twelve CR-3712 to CR-4806
Crescent Mat Board Page Thirteen CR-48406 to CR-63310
Crescent Mat Board Page Fourteen CR-63311 to CR-SRM8912
Crescent Mat Board Page Fifteen CR-5700 to CR-5711
Crescent Mat Board Page Sixteen CR-9157028 to CR-215
Crescent Mat Board Page Seventeen CR-218 to CR-WCB160
Crescent Mat Board Page Eighteen CR-9500 to CR-9530
Crescent Mat Board Page Nineteen CR-9531 to CR-9566
Crescent Mat Board Page Twenty CR-9567 to CR-9599
Crescent Mat Board Page Twenty Five Crescent  Accents
Crescent Mat Board Page Impact Colors New boards from Crescent


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