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"I received the last part of the order today.  Your service is the best!!!  I will be doing more business with you through out the year.  It was so simple, easy and fast.
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Packaged in cardboard cartons, sheet size 32" x 40". 

Foam board is ordered in cartons, or the equivalent of 25 sheets of mat board. 

See below for a chart


Sheet Size

32" x  40"

Individual Sheets  Price per carton 

(25 sheets per carton)

1/8 "  32 x 40


$74.50 1 to 2 cartons


$71.95 / 3 or more cartons


3/16" 32x40


$74.50 1 to 2 cartons


$71.95 / 3 or more cartons


1/8" Acid Free 32x40


$108.75  1 to 2 cartons


$104.35 / 3 or more cartons

$4.17 / sheet

3/16" Acid Free 32x40


$108.75  1 to 2 cartons


$104.35 / 3 or more cartons


3/16" Black 32x40


$119.50 1 to 2 cartons


$115.45 / 3 or more cartons

$4.62 / sheet

1/8" Speed Mount 32x40

$6.41 Sheet

$124.50 1 to 2 cartons


$119.50  3 or more cartons

$4.78 / sheet


What is Foam Board?                             

Foam Board is a sheet of foam with paper laminated front and back.  It's light, rigid, easy to cut and relatively cheap.  Foam board is ideal for all non-archival mounting purposes. Conveniently lightweight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. Designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges. Have more questions?  Check out our updated Matboard Help Center!

Why do I have to buy in certain quantities?

The best products are only as good as the packaging that protects them!  Our customers have 2 options for shipping.  We want you to get your foam board in the best possible condition, so we have designed a pack to ship and make sure that happens.  It's called our Pack.  It will hold:

25 sheets of mat board or
10 sheets of 1/8" foam board or
8 sheets of 3/16" foam board or
Combination of both (see chart below)

You may also purchase a full pre-packaged carton of 25 sheets and get a discount! You can order all mat board, all foam board, or combine them and get a little bit of both.  If you have questions, please give us a call!  1-800-334-9060.

Foam Core & Mounting Board Thickness Chart

1/8" foam core board counts as 2.5 sheets of mat board
3/16" foam core board counts as 3 sheets of mat board



Bainbridge Introduces: Speed Mount ~ 15 Seconds @ 150 Degrees


FAST! Speed Mount heat-activated foam board now makes dry mounting your artwork quicker than ever.  You can mount paper art in just 15 seconds using Speed Mount and your mechanical press . . . or as little as 2 minutes in most vacuum presses. Simply size, tack and mount.

EASY TO USE! Pre-coated on one side with a new technologically advanced heat -activated adhesive that is permanent, pH neutral, dry and tack-free. It is breathable so it may be used for all types of mountings from porous paper to nonporous resin-coated (RC) photographs. Perfect for productions and poster shops where mounting needs to be clean, fast and effortless. In addition, if removal is necessary, mountings can be removed simply by the use of a heat gun or hair dryer.

ULTRA SMOOTH! The ultra smooth adhesive coating makes it a perfect surface for mounting photographs, particularly high gloss RC photos. The smoother surface and lower recommended temperature give greater control over the dreaded "orange peel" effect also making this a great mounting surface for thin posters, magazine pages and newsprint.

LOW TEMPERATURE! This new heat-activated dry mount foam board may be used at the lowest mounting temperatures currently recommended in the industry today, 150 degrees. Though Speed Mount is versatile in that it bonds at all temperatures between 150 and 190 degrees, lower selected temperatures limit adhesive absorption making dry mounting safer for many items. Some projects may require higher temperature settings and/or longer dwell times to ensure the best bond possible.

Speed Mount is ideal for: Light and Heavyweight Posters
RC and Fiber based Photographs
Newspapers and Magazine Pages
Fabrics and Decorative Papers
Surface Laminating

 . . . or simply mounting many items in the shortest period of time!

Both FedEx & UPS classify this size product as "OVERSIZED" and charge more for shipping by both ground and air delivery. FedEx & UPS bill this size product for shipping at a weight that is greater than the actual weight of the package. Click here for a detailed explanation of  "OVERSIZED" packages.

The industry average temperature for most dry mounting is 185-190 degrees - with Speed Mount it is 150-170 degrees.  The industry average mounting time for mechanical presses is 1-3 minutes - with Speed Mount it is 15-30 seconds!  The industry average time for vacuum presses is 3-5 minutes - with Speed Mount it is 2-4 minutes!

Increasing either the time or the temperature will generally create better bonds. The time charts reflects release film or release paper being used in the mounting package. If a release board is introduced into the mounting package additional time could be necessary.

AVAILABLE SIZES: Speed Mount Heat-Activated Foam board comes in 1/8" thickness, in 32" x 40".

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